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Light Requirements, Temperature, and Special Uses
Index of Plant Requirements and Uses
Light Requirements of Selected House Plants
Temperature Requirements of Selected House Plants
Cool Temperature (50o-60o F day, 45o-55o F at night)
Medium Temperature (60o-65o F day, 55o-60o F at night)
High Temperature (70o-80o F day, 65o-70o F at night)
Plants for Specific Indoor Gardening Uses
Plants That Will Grow in Water
Plants That Will Withstand Most Adverse House Conditions and Abuse
Plants That Do Well Under Average Home Conditions
Plants Well Suited For Large Tubbed Decorative Specimens
Low Creeping Plants for Ground Covers in Interior Planting Boxes
Plants That Withstand Dry, Warm Locations
Vines and Trailing Plants for Totem Poles and Trained Plants
Plants Suitable for Hanging Baskets
Plants suitable for Tropical Terrariums
Plants suitable for Desert Dish Gardens