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There are a few links that I found to be of value to me, so I've taken it upon myself to bunch them up so you're not searching the WWW trying to find one plant!  Hope this helps.  Feel free to email me if you have found another very interesting houseplants link.

Informative sites on Houseplants
They have a wonderful resources area, and give an alphabetical order of houseplants with images galore!!  Many more than what I have, so if you can't find the variety on my site, definitely try here!
Ever wonder what the scientific name of a plant was, but only had the common name?  Or have you ever had the reverse problem?  You can sort it all out here!  Several names on their page!
Here is a great site for showing how to propagate a plant - umm, how to multiply or divide your plants.  It shows great tips, pictures, and everything!!  Very useful if you want to share-trade with a friend or relative!
Here is a wonderful site that lists all the plants that are non-toxic to cats.  A definite must visit, if you have a cat - or any pet, for that matter.
I liked this site, because although it did not have pictures for the indexed plants, it gave the soil mixtures recommended for that plant, and it informs you about the atmosphere the plant prefers.  Short but sweet, in my opinion.

A very informative site about terrariums, what plants need what, and how to go about making one (Terrarium, of course).  No pictures, but a lot of information.
It sounds too obvious, but I found this one through a search engine!  Sometimes, typing in what you're looking for and adding .com , .net or .org will find you the results you had searched for all along!  This one is VERY nice, with selections of what kind of terrarium, what you will need, what you can get, etc... Very informative! (Pictures, too!)
This one is very well put together - gives the beginner (like myself) a very good idea of how to go about building a terrarium, and how NOT to kill your plants!  Ideal for tarnished green thumbs like myself.

Plant Accessories
Want to learn how to do macrame so you can make your own plant hangers?  Here is a great place to learn the knots!  I've followed the instructions for knots myself, and have made quite a few nice plant hangers, including one multi-color hanger for my daughters' room!