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Chinese Evergreen

Chinese Evergreen


CHARACTERISTICS:  Chinese evergreen, or aglaonema, is a versatile low light, low growing, durable plant. They are produced in many different varieties. The foliage is either silvery green with some dark green or the reverse, mostly dark green with light green streaks.
Take precautions to keep the plant in temperatures above 55°. Chinese evergreens get a mottled brown spotting on the leaves when they have gotten too cold. The damage is irreversible.
These plants will have stunted new growth and rotten stalks if the soil is kept too moist. The plant will loose lower yellow leaves if the soil is too dry.

PRUNING:  Remove discolored lower leaves. Pull off greenish blooms unless you enjoy their look (Be sure to remove them when they die). We recommend cutting the stalks periodically to keep the plant leafy and full. The center new growth can be pulled out to maintain the stalk's compact growth.